Jul 29, 2014
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Charlestown Animals Get Fancy for Dress Your Pet Day

Charlestown residents get in on the fun of the fifth-annual Dress Up Your Pet Day.

Charlestown Animals Get Fancy for Dress Your Pet Day

The relationship between pet and human is a strong one. They’re our best friends, our confidantes, our companions. And they love making us happy.

Which is where the fifth-annual  Dress Up Your Pet Day comes in. The day, founded in 2009 by animal behaviorist Colleen Paige, encourages pet owners to have fun, but to keep their animal’s comfort and safety in mind.

“Make sure that your pet can see and hear properly and that they aren't wearing something that might overheat them or incorporate any parts that they may chew off and swallow,” said Paige.

We went on Facebook and Twitter yesterday and asked you to put your pet in his or her finest duds and share your photo with us on Patch. With the help of the iPhone app  CO Everywhere and  Storify, we compiled some of your photos here.

Scroll through and take a peek at your neighbors' pets. 

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