Jul 28, 2014
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Green Street Condo Selling for $689K

A look at some of the open houses this weekend in Charlestown.

Green Street Condo Selling for $689K Green Street Condo Selling for $689K Green Street Condo Selling for $689K




Realtors, this is your space. Upload photos of the houses you're showing this weekend and enter the property's details in the caption.

Selling your Charlestown place without a Realtor? Consider yourself invited to add your photos and details into the mix.

Please upload one photo per open house listing and include the following information in the captions of all photos:

  • Address
  • Date and time of the open house
  • Type of housing (condo, single family etc.)
  • No. of beds/baths
  • Square footage
  • Price
  • Agent's name (if applicable)

Click on the big green "Upload Photos & Videos" button to get started. If you have any trouble getting the message out, send an email to charlestown@patch.com.

About this column: "House Hunt" is a weekly column featuring real estate open houses in the neighborhood of Charlestown.

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