Jul 28, 2014

Three Women in Car Owned By Alleged Heroin Dealer Escape From Drum Hill Crash

The following information was supplied by the Chelmsford Police Department. Where arrests or charges are mentioned, it does not indicate a conviction. More detailed reports may be delayed due to extenuating circumstances.

Three Women in Car Owned By Alleged Heroin Dealer Escape From Drum Hill Crash
Nov. 28, 6:17 a.m. - An officer was dispatched to Brick Kiln Road after a homeowner said that four Hispanic men were throwing beer bottles at his home.

The man said he was awoken by a loud noise outside of his building and then saw the four men in a car, seeing one throwing a beer bottle and describing all four as intoxicated.

The four men could not be found. 

Dec. 13, 8:26 p.m. - Police were on the scene after reports of a hit-and-run driver at the Drum Hill Rotary near the offramp from Route 3 Northbound.

Two people in the truck that was hit reported that they were heading onto Drum Hill Road when a car with three women ran a red light, hit the passenger side of the vehicle and then all three women escaped the vehicle.

One of the passengers ran toward Starbucks, where she was found and arrested for several previous warrants.

That passenger said the driver of the vehicle handed her a box of checks and a debit card before they escaped. 

Police were unable to find the other two occupants of the vehicle, but were able to contact the car's owner. The owner said he was persuaded to register the car on behalf of a friend he believes is a heroin dealer, an action he had been trying to reverse for months. 

The owner was unaware who owned the checks, and consented to a search of the car, which did not provide any more information. 

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