23 Aug 2014
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At Trail’s End

New café and convenience store add more healthy eating options to town.

At Trail’s End At Trail’s End At Trail’s End

I take this job very seriously. So when I read the opening, I knew I had a duty to go by and check it out. After all, the people have a right to know, and I have a responsibility to go forth and do research — especially when it involves food.

I got to meet the owner, Elizabeth Akehurst-Moore, a former corporate attorney who owns not just the café but the convenience store at that location as well. If you’ve been living in Concord for several years, you may remember there used to be a salon and spa there; the treatment rooms are now the kitchen. Elizabeth told me that she started with the convenience store, which she opened in the summer of 2009, while she completely redid the space behind it for the café. And she really did it right: it’s light and airy, with a nice big space with small tables for eating. The walls are graced by lovely photos, courtesy of her dad, who not coincidentally owns the building.

Here’s what else is great: the food is made with ingredients gathered locally, such as tomatoes from Verrill Farm and eggs from Chip-in Farm, as well as locally raised meat. I think it’s awesome when local businesses can support each other in such a meaningful way.

Since I was there to check out the café, I wasn’t paying much attention to the convenience store, but it turns out it’s also worth a look. Of course you’ll find the usual convenience store fare, but Elizabeth is committed to bringing in healthier options there as well, including locally produced and organic snacks, and fresh-made fare. The refrigerator case had some interesting drink choices displayed, things I haven’t seen other places. And since the café and store are so closely linked, they can do things like sell pre-made egg sandwiches produced by their chefs but sold as a quick breakfast in the store. Pretty cool.

It’s worth checking into, next time you’re driving down Lowell Road and looking for a bite, either to sit down or take it to go.


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