20 Aug 2014
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CC Fencing team goes to Long Island

CCHS Fencing takes their annual trip to the Long Island for the Huntington Relay Carnival in Huntington NY. This year the team was down from the usual 24 athletes to 20 due to illness and other commitments. By Friday afternoon at 3 pm the bus was loaded with fencing equipment, overnight bags, a cooler full of water and 20 fencers ready for competition. 6 hours and a dinner stop at the IKEA cafeteria later the team unloaded at Huntington High School where the Huntington team was finishing setting up for the tournament the next day.

 At 8:30 am the team was back from the hotel, Men’s Foil Squad (Trey Powers, Jacob Golson, and Dyson Little) and the Women’s Epee Squad (Jackie Luckner, MacKenzie King, Sarah Packard and Sabre fencer Shelby Brown) were the first two squads to compete.
 The Women’s Epee Squad started the day seeded 7th and faced the 10th seeded Comack HS B team. Jackie Luckner became ill shortly after arriving at the venue so sabre fencer Shelby Brown moved over to be the 4th fencer on the squad. Without their squad leader three new fencers were outgunned and lost 14-45. Then they fenced the Huntington B team, Luckner was feeling better and was able to be substituted into the last round, although she outscored her opponent 16-5 they still lost 37-45. Finally they beat the 12 seeded Walt Whitman HS B Team 45-44 and finished 11th.

 The Men’s Foil Squad started the day seeded 7th and beat the 10th seeded Ward Melville HS B Team 45-28. The match started with a slight stubble but the team was able to take and hold the lead in the 3rd round. Next they lost to the 2nd seeded Brentwood A team 33-45 in the round of 8. They beat the 6th seeded Centereach HS team 45-35 but ultimately lost the 5th seeded Commack HS team 29-45.

 The Men’s Epee Squad (Lucas Hickman, Jack McCarthy, and Harry Humphreys) and the Women’s Foil Squad (Cynthia Lu, Natalie Ma, and Lizzie Chan) started an hour later. The Men’s Epee Squad started the day seeded 8th but started with a loss to the 9th seeded Newfield HS team 16-45. Then beat the 5th seeded Walt Whitman Team 45-39, and then lost to the Huntington HS B team 25-45 and finished 10th.

 The Women’s Foil Squad started the day seeded 7th and beat the 10th seeded Huntington HS C team 45-31 where the team held the lead throughout of the 9 encounters. Then the team lost to #2 seeded Brentwood team 37-45. Next was Huntington HS B where Captain Carolyn Lu scored 22 points leading the team to a 45-40 win. They lost to Centereach HS 30-45 and finished 6th.

 Later in the day the Men’s Sabre squad (Jacob Hession-Kunz, Henry Manlick, James Putnam, and Owen Kruger) and the Women’s Sabre squad (Cynthia Putnam, Lucy Hill and Zaryah Mercer) The Men’s Sabre started the day seeded 8th and lost to the 9th seeded Newfield HS team 34-45. Then they beat Walt Whitman 45-42 lead by Captain Hession-Kunz who scored 21 points. The the they beat Centereach B team 45-39 and finished 9th.

 The Women’s Sabre started the day seeded 6th beat the 11th seeded Half Hollows Hills team 45-36 and the 3rd rated Huntington A team 45-30. They lost a close match with Commack HS 41-45. Finally in the Bronze medal bout (the only squad to get into a medal round this year) despite a strong win 11-5 in the 8th round by Lucy Hill, the team finished 4th.

 It was a cold but exciting trip for the team and the team was able to talk about how the day went and how they can build on this momentum. This trip is amazing at bringing the team closer together. Sunday the team sees an early start (7:15 am) to head down to Dana Hall for meets with Northampton, Bishop Feehan and Hopkins School and then some much needed rest and studying for exams this week.  

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