Jul 28, 2014
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Concord's Social Media Saturday: Reader Highlights

See what Concord has been talking about over the last week.

Concord's Social Media Saturday: Reader Highlights


This week was all about getting into the holiday spirit. From preparing Thanksgiving dinner to finding the perfect Christmas tree — and of course the presents to go under it — we've had everything holiday-related. Here's a look at some of the topics that got readers talking.

  • This week's asked where you get your Christmas tree in or around Concord. In addition to the three suggestions featured in Thursday's , Sara Ballard added, "We always buy our Christmas tree at Marshall Farms on Harrington Ave. The trees are fresh and beautiful, the prices are good, and the Marshalls are friendly and helpful."
  • On Thanksgiving morning, we featured a , in which co-owner Stephen Verrill discussed all that goes into preparing for the holiday and what he is thankful for. Hilary Taylor commented on the video, saying, "Yes, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone over at Verrill. Wonderful to see business so good for the farm."
  • On Wednesday, Maureen C. Belt talked about the original Pilgrims who made the voyage across the Atlantic from England, and some of the most notable descendants of those intrepid travelers in her About Town Column . Janet Beyer added a few more names to the list of descendants and offered up some suggestions for further research, saying, "And don't forget Myles Standish XI, CCHS '80 and John Alden Lang (but he can speak for himself). Recommended reading: The diary of William Bradford on Plymouth Plantation and the first feast."
  • On Monday, a reader named karen revisited an older story about , saying, "I bought a pint of Hot Chocolate ice cream this weekend. My family and I absolutely loved it! It is a little spicy which is a wonderful sensation on your cold tongue. Seriously the best chocolate ice cream in recent memory. Also the coffee is great."
  • Helen Halloran commented on , about a young lady with an eye for design that has jazzed up the window display at Montague Gallery, saying, "That's a nice story, Bill. Thanks for sharing! We need more feel good news."
  • You responded to a couple of our questions of the day this week, with a reader named Lydia answering our question about , saying, "We're walking 2 blocks - to the ! (can't beat that :)" And on Facebook, we asked if you were going to brave the Black Friday crowds, to which Deanna Leary Stillings simply answered, "NO."

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