15 Sep 2014
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About Town: Keeping Your Cool

Douse yourself with water, or head inside to avoid the heat.

About Town: Keeping Your Cool About Town: Keeping Your Cool


Ah, summer has come on with a vengeance! These hot, sticky days have me envious of this week’s houseguest: an aquatic frog. He spends all day suspended in his little cube of cool water, limbs outstretched, floating in liquid peace. Every time I look at him, I want to be floating in water, too. However, since he got here, I’ve had the Michigan Rag running through my head – from that old Bugs Bunny episode with the frog that only sings and dances when no one’s looking. So far my aquatic friend has only floated: no songs or dances. But he’s still entertaining.

And while it’s great to know that my guest will stay cool, the same can’t be said for the two-footed animals, so here’s a list of ways to keep cool here in Concord:

Out of Doors

I know being outdoors in weather like this can be – well, challenging. Which is why water is so important, whether you’re drinking it or dousing yourself in it. For easy water play, head over to the , where they have a refreshing group of sprinklers that your kids, and you, can run through. It’s a great way to cool off between swinging and monkey bar climbing. If you want more of a swimming experience, the very famous is just across Route 2, on Route 126, also known as Walden Street. They have a small beach and designated swimming area, but it’s also fun to walk the path that goes completely around the pond, to see it from another perspective. Parking is just $5, or you can buy a season pass for $35. Be aware, though, that on really hot days and weekends, the lot can fill up, and then you won’t be able to park at all, so you may want to call them first at 617-626-4973.


If water isn’t your thing, or you just aren’t ready to put on a swimsuit, head over to one of our many air-conditioned places here in town. The is always first on my list: not only is it quiet and cool in there, but they have free wifi, and happily welcome you and your laptop. At the main library, there are many nooks and crannies to tuck yourself into: the Thoreau Room on the first floor, the periodicals room upstairs, or one of the very comfy chairs in the front lobby. At the Fowler, the circle of armchairs at the bottom of the curved staircase is a great place to hide away.

The at 37 Lexington Rd. is totally worth a look-see, especially if you’ve never been. It’s open Tuesday through Saturday, it’s nice and cool, and admission is free, though you are more than welcome to make a donation. Even if you’re not an art aficionado, you’ll appreciate their exhibits. Right down the street from there is the , home of all the great history and artifacts of Concord. The gift shop alone is worth a visit, and once you’ve paid your admission fee of $10 for adults ($8 for students over 18, and $5 for kids over 5), you can take your time and wander through the galleries at your leisure.

Lastly, if you’re biking through town and need to freshen up before hitting any of these places, head over to the bathrooms at the Visitor’s Center: yes, they are air-conditioned, and an easy place to catch your breath and cool down before heading back out into the heat.

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