Jul 29, 2014

LETTER: Rainey's Right for Concord School Committee

King Lane resident Catherine Parmelee says she was impressed enough by Cynthia Rainey at a neighborhood coffee to host one of her own.

LETTER: Rainey's Right for Concord School Committee

To the Editor:

Before I attended a neighborhood coffee for Cynthia Rainey, I was not inclined to favor any particular candidate. What I discovered upon listening to her, however, was a woman, who having become aware of school problems, cared enough to fully inform herself of the issues by attending multiple meetings of all the committees concerned: The School Committee, the Citizens' Transportation Committee, FinComm and the Building Committee.

Now, having acquired an excellent understanding of the many difficulties facing us, she is prepared to become part of the solution, bringing to it both analytical skills and a calm temperament and an open mind. By her actions she has already shown that she has the focus, commitment and energy to help solve our problems in a creative and caring way.

My husband and I were impressed enough with Cynthia to host a coffee for both her and Lisa Bergen.

Catherine Parmelee
King Lane

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