23 Aug 2014
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Minute Man- Concord's National Park

Patch continues its Historical Concord series with a peek into Concord's National Park.

Minute Man- Concord's National Park Minute Man- Concord's National Park Minute Man- Concord's National Park

Many will say that there is perhaps no greater place in Concord, or the whole of New England for that matter, to engage in as much living history than Minute Man National Park, located at 174 Liberty Street.

“At Minute Man National Historical Park the opening battle of the Revolution is brought to life as visitors explore the battlefields and structures associated with April 19, 1775, and witness the American revolutionary spirit through the writings of the Concord authors,” details Minute Man's website.

The park is open daily during the summer months from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m and offers a copious amount of programs, guided tours and other engagements that immerse wanderers in a history long since passed, but certainly not forgotten.

The Minute Man Visitor Center is a good starting point and offers all the brochures and info that the park has to offer, including a screening of the film, The Road to Revolution, which details the revolutionary events in the area.

Battle Road Trail is likely the park's most popular attraction – a five mile hike or bike ride that connects historic sites all across Concord and beyond, focusing mainly on the events of April 19th, 1775, the day America officially sparked their revolution from the British.

Far down the trail in Lincoln, the Hartwell Tavern is another popular stop. Hartwell is an authentic period house which offers Ranger programs and tours.

Going back down the trail towards Concord Center, The Wayside: Home of Authors is another popular place to learn about all the famous literary giants of the time. The Wayside is also the place where the Minutemen themselves were born, organized by Samuel Whitney, “Master of the Concord Minute Men.”

One still functioning piece of revolutionary era architecture still stands in the Old North Bridge, the site of the infamous “shot heard 'round the world.” Accompanying the bridge is the North Bridge Visitor Center where you can learn more about the events that took place along this historical eddy.

If this wasn't enough, the Minute Man National Park is always putting on events such as historical demonstrations, farmer's markets or battle recreations. Additionally, guided tours are a big hit with families and teachers.

For more information on Minute Man National Park, head over to their website by clicking here.

Click here to check out a video of a battle reenactment that took place at the park filmed back on Patriot's Day 2006.





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