22 Aug 2014
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Raising Concord: Top 10 Reasons Back To School Is Cool

After a summer full of camp, late nights and no schedule some kids need a little convincing that back to school is cool.

Raising Concord: Top 10 Reasons Back To School Is Cool

I always love this time of year although I don’t tend to embrace it until a week before it arrives. Back to school means so many things and it is different for parents and for kids. So here is my kickoff to the school year with 10 reasons for parents and kids to get psyched for the first day of school.

  1. You get new stuff: It doesn’t matter that it is still 90 degrees outside; new fall clothes are a must for back to school. While you are at the store might as well pick up a new backpack, lunch box and those ever important trendy sneakers. Maybe mom will even throw in an iPad. Maybe not. And let’s be honest when have you ever gone shopping for your kids and not thrown in something for yourself? A shirt for them, a shirt for me. A backpack for them, a Coach purse for me. See how that works.
  2. You get to see old friends: The class lists that show in the mail mid-August are always a nail-biter in my house. "Will Sally be in my class like I hope?" Or, "Will I get Mr. So-and-So for a teacher?" Who knows, but it is always fun to see the old gang on the first day of school. My kids run to their “besties” and I do the same. My kids talk about their summer camp and trip to the lake and I talk about making it through two family reunions, losing 12 pounds and a new job. I missed the old gang.
  3. You get to make new friends: I don’t know about you, but I could never have enough friends. I love meeting new people and teach my kids to feel the same way. I remind my kids that the new school year means meeting new people. Some we will love and others….not so much. My daughter once looked at me like I had five heads when I told her there are people in my life who give me a hard time. So, join the PTA and meet some new parents and be role models for your kids.
  4. You’re a year older: Can’t really spin this for us parents, but for the kids growing up and starting a new grade is always cool. You’re older than someone, you’re closer to college and living on your own and you’re starting to figure out how this crazy world works. And everyone fusses over you for that first week saying things like, “I can’t believe you are in fifth grade now!” and “I remember when I was a freshman in high school!” 
  5. You get your favorite breakfast: Yes, it is a tradition that on the first day of school we all get to eat whatever we want. Now, I have no idea who is going to cook it, but you can ask. In our house it will be a protein smoothie that dad makes and some super yummy oatmeal. Momma doesn’t have time for Eggs Benedict this morning, sorry.
  6. - 10. Learning. Yes, I am grouping the last 5 reasons why back to school is cool as one because it is all that really matters. Back to school is cool because you get to learn new stuff. That’s why we all go to school, to learn new stuff. And by stuff I mean Science, Math, English and well, life! We go to school not only to make a better self but to make a better world. Maybe your education will find a cure for a cancer, send you to Mars or help you be the first female president. Maybe it will make you Teacher of the Year, an inventor, a human rights advocate or maybe it will teach you how to be a better person. No matter what path you take in life your education will only help you. So put on those new fall clothes, slip on your backpack, kiss mom and dad goodbye and get ready for another awesome year of cool school.         

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