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Divito: Living Chronically Fabulous

Karen Divito deals with chronic disease herself, but uses it to help others cope.

Divito: Living Chronically Fabulous Divito: Living Chronically Fabulous

Name: Karen Divito       

Street: Holten Street

Family: Karen lives with Shira, her 4-1/2 pound Chihuahua

Occupation: Jewelry maker, blogger and support group leader

Karen deals with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder, and because she has dealt with these for over 16 years, she wanted to connect with others with chronic illnesses going through the same thing. So she started a Web site,  www.livingchronicallyfabulous.com.

The purpose of the Web site is to empower, inform and encourage people to stay positive and fabulous with chronic illness. Ann Marie Penick says “the support group and Web site have been helpful in navigating how to cope.”

Karen also has a support group that meets once a month. The next meeting is at the on May 15 at 9:30 a.m. All chronic illness sufferers and supporters are welcome to attend. Contact Karen at  kadi223@yahoo.com to RSVP so appropriate seating can be reserved.

Hobbies and interests: Karen enjoys reading, walking, music and doing yoga and Pilates to maintain her health. Karen also admits she’s a “reality show junkie.” She also volunteers for the Arthritis Foundation and is working at the  at Lynch Park on May 22.

Favorite book: “Anything by Wayne Dyer, his books are so positive.”

Best movie: Karen has too many favorites to list, but loves comedies.

Dream vacation: Hawaii

How long have you lived in Danvers? Karen has lived in Danvers all her life. She was born at Hunt Hospital and grew up on Macarthur Boulevard. She graduated from in 1986 and has remained in Danvers as it’s her home.

What made you choose to stay in Danvers? Karen feels safe in Danvers and feels no other place but Danvers would be “home.”

Favorite shop: Home Goods

Favorite eatery: 

Where would someone see you around town?  Walking down Holten Street, enjoying or hanging out at the .

What would you like to see changed in town? “I can’t think of anything I would want to change, but I do like all the new traffic lights going up in town and think they will be helpful.”

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