15 Sep 2014
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Lulu is On the Mend, Visits Angell Memorial

Once the tests are completed, Angell Memorial will create an “individualized plan” for Lulu.

Lulu is On the Mend, Visits Angell Memorial

The most beloved dog on the North Shore is doing better and the money raised for her continues to grow.

Lulu, the 6-year-old German Shepherd that was abandoned at Spoiled Rotten Doggy Daycare, is on the road to recovery. Lulu has esophageal diverticulitis, which requires immediate corrective surgery to allow her to eat and not regurgitate her food. The problem hasn’t been treated for years.

If she doesn’t get the surgery, her condition will worsen and can lead to a secondary condition, such as an infection in her lungs, which can be fatal.

Danvers resident Kimberly Hammond Donahue brought Lulu to Angell Memorial Hospital in Boston on Monday for a complete physical performed by Dr. Kirstin Johnson.

Donahue said there were blood and other tests. Lulu is now keeping pureed food down and her digestive system has stabilized.

Dr. Johnson told Donahue she was concerned about Lulu’s weight. She’s dropped 10 pounds since Dec. 1, and is down to about 46 pounds.

Angell Memorial will consult with Lulu’s vet, Danvers Animal Hospital, and will take x-rays. Once the tests are completed, Angell Memorial will create an “individualized plan for Lulu, surgery, feeding management, medication, etc.,” said Donahue.

“(Dr. Johnson) said she should have definite hope for her to get on a road to recovery,” said Donahue.

The money keeps rolling in to Lulu’s cause. Donahue has raised nearly $17,000 since creating a GoFundMe page for Lulu on Saturday night. The operation is expected to cost between $5,000 and $8,000. Any money raised beyond the cost of the operation and medication for Lulu will be donated to Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem. 

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