Jul 30, 2014

Montevecchi: Super Mom

Mom Gabrielle Montevecchi is a kindergarten teacher by day, student, home party consultant, at night.

Montevecchi: Super Mom Montevecchi: Super Mom Montevecchi: Super Mom Montevecchi: Super Mom

Name: Gabrielle Montevecchi

Street: Bay View Terrace

Family: Husband Emmanuel and daughters Lilliana (6) and Josephina (4)

Occupation: Gabrielle loves her job as a kindergarten teacher at the Bentley Elementary School in Salem, with hopes of progressing to adminstration someday. She loves the public schools and wants to make an impact. Her husband, Emmanuel is also a public educator and teaches ESL at Higgins Middle School in Peabody.  

Gabrielle is also enrolled in courses at Salem State University. In order to help pay for furthering her education, she decided to become an independent consultant for Thirty-One

Thirty-one's premise is to celebrate hard working women, selling bags and home organization type items at a reasonable price. Gabrielle said, "I had the products, and everywhere I went people commented on my bags, so i figured, I should sell them!"

Hobbies and interests: "I am a nut at the Salem YMCA. I also love to cook and share recipes."

Favorite Book: Anything by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Favorite Movie: "Dangerous Liasons"

Dream Vacation: Europe

Favorite Shop:

Favorite Eatery:

How long have you lived in Danvers: 5 years

Why did you choose Danvers: "I love the small town feel and I am a public school supporter and think Danvers schools are great. I also love the fact that I can walk downtown, hop on the highway, get to the mall all withing two minutes, all while still like feeling I am in a small town."

Where will people find you:  "I can be found at the , at or on the soccer fields."

What do you want to see changed in town:  "I can't wait for the road construction to be completed."

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