21 Aug 2014
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Save Me The Money!

Saving money with a refurbished Kindle and more.

Save Me The Money!

If you are an avid reader, I’ve found a deal for you! Amazon has knocked down the price of the refurbished Kindle 3. This is the Wi-Fi ad-free version, and the new price is $99.99. The 3G ad-free version is now $129.99. These are marked-down prices of $30 and $50, respectively. The Wi-Fi ad supported version is currently selling at $114 brand new, so that makes the refurbished models quite the deal.

The refurbished Kindles are factory serviced and come with a full warranty. You can find them in the Warehouse Deals section of Amazon.com. There is, however, speculation in the blogosphere that Amazon will be coming out with a newer version of the Kindle very soon. They seem to be clearing out their inventory. If you want to purchase on of these refurbished models, don’t put it off as more people are learning about them and there is a limited supply.

Later this year most libraries will start to have e-books available for Kindle devices. Also available is the option to lend and borrow books from others for a period of up to fourteen days. With all of the free out-of-print books also available from Kindle, you can read to your heart’s delight.

On another note, have you started taking advantage of the Patch Deals? These deals are found on the home page of Danvers Patch, and in the daily newsletter. They offer great savings, and this week there is even a code on the deal that will save you five dollars on your first deal.  Personally, I’ve already purchased one deal, and look forward to buying more soon. These are local deals to places of interest, fun things to do, and other local merchants. I bought the twenty dollars for two adult tickets on the Mahi Mahi Cruises out of Salem Willows. That’s half price and worth every penny.

Finally, have you noticed Christmas and Holiday merchandise in the stores yet? They seem to start earlier every year. Unless you are the type of shopper who wants to have all your gifts purchased before the cold weather hits us, odds are you should wait for sales later this fall. If you get lucky though, there is a chance you may find some of last years non-perishable items on clearance. After all, whatever is in stock now does have to be moved to make room for new items.  Just like with the Amazon Kindle deal, it’s a question of buy now for the good price, or, wait for what is brand new, and that, my friends, is a personal choice. Happy shopping and saving!

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