Jul 28, 2014

Another Family Gone

I recently found out that one of my neighbors has sold their place and is moving. Where? Back to Boston. I'm actually heart broken by this on a couple fronts. First, this is a great family that any neighborhood would want to call a neighbor. Great kids and they invested in their home which made the neighborhood better. I asked why they were moving, they said they just couldn't justify the taxes on top of their mortgage. They found a place in Boston of similar size and lower taxes. How can that be? The 2nd front, I'm finding myself in the same boat. I moved to Dedham because I liked the feel of the town and this neighborhood. This family was one of those reasons I liked the neighborhood. If things don't change tax wise, I'm finding myself in the same boat and will probably start looking to head back to Boston myself. A very sad they for me.

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