Jul 28, 2014
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Dedham Metrowest Basketball Team Rolls On

Dedham beat Wellesley, 41-28. A couple of days later they went on to beat Ashland, 60-30.


Last week, even Mother Nature tried to get involved, and disrupt the momentum of the 7thgrade boys Dedham Metrowest Basketball team.

As the Blizzard Nemo dumped almost 30 inches of snow on the region, all sporting events, like everything else in town, were cancelled. The boys sat idle for days. Then, without the benefit of practice or team meetings, they were scheduled for a game on Wednesday, after school, against a worthy opponent from Wellesley. 

Both teams got off to a slow start, with Dedham taking a 10-4 lead at the end of the first quarter. Wellesley kept within range, 24-15 at the half and 34-23 at the end of the third quarter.

The usual starters contributed their share, with Liam Dorsey, Nick Loring, Ty Scurry, and Dylan Maida each scoring 6 points. It was the standout performance of Davin Sweeney however (15 points and 23 rebounds), that made the difference on this day.

It was Sweeney's presence under the rim, that was just too much for Wellesley to contain. Brandon Ruiz, David Logan, Corey Kilroy, and Mark Rella helped keep their rivals in check, and Dedham coasted to a 41-28 victory.

Seventy-two hours later, the Dedham squad was back on the court. This time the boys were facing a very fast team from Ashland.

On the first trip down the floor, Ashland stole the ball from Dedham and scored. They got another 2 points on a missed shot from Dedham, but this 4-0 lead would be the last time Dedham would trail in the game.

Liam Dorsey and Davin Sweeney led the way, combining for 26 points and 14 rebounds. Dylan Maida's speed and talent (8 points – 4 rebounds – 3 assists – 4 steals) spread the two teams apart, and left Dedham with a 44-15 lead at the half. 

Each week we've had a player that has just stepped up their game, and this Saturday was no different. The normally consistent David Logan, turned it on during the third quarter and lit up the three-point line, hitting 4 consecutive shots (12 pts.) and putting the Dedham boys ahead 58-19 with 8 minutes left in the game.

Ty Scurry played big with 6 points and 11 rebounds. Brandon Ruiz showed his usual hustle with 6 points – 3 rebounds – 2 assists and the boys from Ashland didn't know what hit them.

Mark Rella was strong under the boards with 5 rebounds and Corey Kilroy scored a couple of points to go with his 5 rebounds. Kilroy made one steal that looked like an interception from a football game, catching the ball as it came over his back shoulder.

The final score of this mismatch was 60-30, with Dedham picking up their 10th and 11th victories of the season in three days.

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