Jul 28, 2014

Former Dedham Resident Indicted for Murder in Tennessee

Craig Garber, 41 was indicted on Tuesday for allegedly murdering a family in Tenn.

Former Dedham Resident Indicted for Murder in Tennessee

A former Dedham resident was indicted on Tuesday, Feb. 26, for three counts of first-degree murder and is now awaiting trial.

Craig Garber, 41, has been held at Hill Detention Center, a medium-level prison, since September 2012 in Tennessee for allegedly murdering three of his neighbors in Nashville. 

On Sept. 2, 2012 Garber allegedly fatally stabbed neighbors Michelle Pinkowski, 48, her son, Jonathan Culpepper, 14, and her grandmother, Marylea Jordan, 71.

Susan Niland, from the Davidson County District Attorney's Office, said that it can take anywhere between four and six months before a trial can start.

"It does take some time, but because of the indictment we should have a trial date within the next couple of days," she said.

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