Jul 28, 2014

Mayor of Dedham: White Is A Volunteer Staple

Tracey White is running for Mayor of Dedham to benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Mayor of Dedham: White Is A Volunteer Staple


It's springtime, which means many things to many people, but for Tracey White, it means keeping an eye on the young umpires calling Dedham Youth Baseball games four nights each week and on Saturdays.

It's just one of many jackets she wears throughout the year to help youngsters in Dedham.

White, 43, gives time to the Dedham Parks and Recreation Department at the Dedham Pool and at a variety of fundraisers. She helps with the Dedham High School Boosters, the All-Night Graduation Party, James Joyce Ramble and works on election days.

"Pretty much any event in Dedham, because I can't sit still," White said.

Mayor of Dedham is a fundraiser to benefit the Dedham Parks and Recreation Department and a charity of the winner's choosing. 

If White wins Mayor of Dedham, she has pledged to donate her portion of the winnings to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Each year, White participates in the on .

"It's something that could've been anyone of our kids," White said. "It touched all of us a little."

White said she considered many different causes, but the time of year certainly planed a role. The Great Strides Walk was on May 20.

"My dillusional, out-of-reach goal is to raise $5,000," White said. "I would like to raise more, but that would be the goal."

Unlike a true campaign for elected office, White and Mary Hathaway and involved in a friendly campaign, with both women planning to attend the other's fund-raising events.

"If I wasn't running myself, I'd help [her]," White said.

Candidates need to turn in their "votes" by June 11 to Dedham Parks and Recreation.

Supporters can "vote" by giving $1 per vote to the candidate of their choice.

"It's just to have fun and raise money," White said. "Maybe some people who wouldn't necessarily give to the Flag Day Parde will."

Friends have so far organized two events to help raise money for white's campaign. They'll have a on Sunday, May 27, and a on June 1 at .

White was raised in Dedham and learned from her grandmother, Isabel Dolan, to give back to the community.

"You don't sit around doing nothing. If you're going to complain, you might as well be a part of the process," White said. "It's just giving back."

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