15 Sep 2014
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Rape Suspect Released As 'Twin Brother' Twist Snags Prosecutors

Jamaica Plain and Dedham resident released, had been charged with raping two women with an accomplice.

Rape Suspect Released As 'Twin Brother' Twist Snags Prosecutors
By Bob McGovern, Boston Herald

A suspect in two heinous rapes — crimes that had Hub college women frightened to walk alone in the fall of 2004 — left court yesterday a free man because of a rare technicality where DNA tests could not differentiate him from his identical twin.

Dwayne McNair, 33, of Jamaica Plain and Dedham, was released from an eight-count indictment that charged him with raping two young women with an accomplice, Anwar Thomas. Prosecutors attempted to use a newly developed, state-of-the-art DNA test they said could determine whether Dwayne McNair was the rapist. The test is said to be precise enough to distinguish his DNA from that of his identical twin, Dwight McNair.

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