Jul 28, 2014

Superintendent June Doe Issues Statement on DHS Hazing Scandal

The following is an official statement issued by the Superintendent.

Superintendent June Doe Issues Statement on DHS Hazing Scandal


I am writing to you regarding the alleged violation of the district's anti-bullying/anti-hazing policies.  The allegation that the policies were violated by a number of our students immediately generated an internal investigation into the reported allegation.  It is disappointing and most disturbing since these policies are in place to protect all students in a safe and supportive learning environment.

An investigation is still ongoing.  It is painful to report that the investigation has produced information for school administrators to conclude that there was a violation of the policies. 

The Dedham Public Schools take appropriate actions in accordance with district policies and state laws.  We can appreciate that the community has a legitimate interest in the outcomes for the violations of these policies; however, school officials are prohibited by federal and state laws from commenting on or disclosing information about individual student discipline. 

In the matter of a violation of anti-bullying or anti-hazing policies, the school district acts swiftly to investigate and our policies permit a range of disciplinary actions which include suspension and expulsion from school.  We will enforce these policies based upon the evidence and to the extent allowed by our policies and the laws.

I can assure you that we utilize all the avenues available to us to restore a sense of safety and protection to our students and the confidence of the community in its high school.

The Dedham Public Schools and all the administrators are committed to maintaining an atmosphere that is free from bullying and hazing for all students.  We will continue to enforce our policies and protect our students.

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