Jul 28, 2014

Town of Dedham Prepared for Hurricane Sandy

The town has been in contact with The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency in order to determine response actions.

Town of Dedham Prepared for Hurricane Sandy


Dedham's Emergency Planning Group met over the weekend to discuss the planning steps for Hurricane Sandy. The town has also been in contact with the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) to discuss response actions.

"Preliminary actions we have taken are to make sure our debris clearance plans are in place, our contacts with NSTAR, Verizon, Comcast and RCN are in place, our staff contact lists are up to date," Town Administrator, William Keegan said.  "We are taking steps to make sure that our communications equipment is all functional, and we are making sure that emergency generators are in place and that they have been tested to be sure that they are fully operational."

The towm also made sure that Dedham Middle School is well stocked, in the case the building needs to be used as a shelter.  But the administrations is hoping that residents are preparing for the storm's impact.

"We recommend that residents make sure that medications are in enough supply to last for a few days in the event of a loss of power for multiple days," Keegan said. 

The town is also advising residents to reserve water supply for drinking or bathing as necessary.

"Also, if you know of an elderly resident in your neighborhood who may need assistance, an act of neighborly kindness is always welcome during times like this," Keegan said.

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