Jul 28, 2014

Dedham Honors the Fallen

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Dedham Honors the Fallen Dedham Honors the Fallen Dedham Honors the Fallen

At 3:30 p.m. today, Town Hall was the place where some of Dedham's fallen war veterans were honored with the dedication of three street signs. Beech, Colwell and Bussey will receive additional signs with the names of the three men honored today.

Fran O'Brien, a Norfolk County commissioner, and liaison to the veteran's council, said he was very happy this was happening and said, "Its been a long time coming, and I feel it is a great honor to know Dedham has appreciated those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for us and it is an honor to be here to honor our fallen heroes."

Catherine Litchfield, whose son First Lt. Frank Edward Litchfield served in the 101st airborne, died in Vietnam saving the lives of his company Aug. 5, 1969, said it was ridiculous people are still dying in wars today, after the war that was supposed to end all wars.

Marion DeMers, whose brother William J. Cuff served in the Marines in World War II , died in Iwo Jima the morning they raised the flag. He was leading a group of men who didn't they had a chance, yet he believed. Cuff received a Bronze Star.

Those who died in battle are heroes, and we appreciate everything they did for us.

With Kilt Packed, Dedham Resident to Study Abroad

Alex Doucette, a fourth generation lifelong Dedham resident, who graduated from Dedham High School in 2008, is heading to Scotland to study abroad tonight.

Alex will study at the University of St. Andrews for 8 months. Alex, a history major, picked St. Andrews as the school for him long before his two years at Brandeis, but decided to stay in the country for a while before leaving to study abroad.

He's had an interest in history for many years, and it's home to his ancestors. Alex said he looks forward to researching his family history.

He had a slight scare when his travel visa didn't show on time, but after it arrived he said, "Thank God, I am so ready to get over there and learn now!"

Have a great time Alex and do Dedham proud.

Weather No Match for Mom

Kara Tierney, a Dedham mother, was out today in the rain for a run - thinking it was going to be a nice day. Even with New England's unpredictable weather, she went out and enjoyed Dedham's sights throughout the square and neighboring areas.

Tierney, an assitant lacrosse coach at Nobles, has lived in Dedham for three years and says she loves the town.

"Big Box, Small Square and what I mean by that is the location is great, quaint little town, but within a short distance you have big city," she says of Dedham.

She has three children, who she exposes to many Dedham events and says they are great for learning. In fact, an hour before the run her younger two children went to music class with Marianne Ryan of Creative Adventures, across the street from the Dedham Police Station.

Trendz to Close

Although Trendz owner Cheryl Welch declined to discuss further, her Dedham Square store is closing and having a going-out-of-business sale. Welch did say she wasn't too worried about the merchandise because she doesn't have much invested in the merchandise since it is a consignment store. Once Trendz closes, poeple looking for a place to bring consignment goods can go to the Dedham Exchange on Washington Street.

Construction All Over Town

Add the East Street rotary to the locations traffic during rush hour due to roadwork. Reports have it that East Street backed up from the the entrance to Rte. 128 to the rotary. This joins construction on Rte. 109, Washington Street near the Dedham Mall, Bridge Street, and Washington Street heading into Westwood.

Slew of School Changes on the Way?

Dedham School District officials met earlier this week to discuss the possibility of axing class rank and how to form an anti-cyberbullying policy. Both of these issues came up at the last School Committee meeting, and more formal presentations are expected when the committee meets on Wednesday.

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