Jul 28, 2014

Update: DHS Hazing Involved Sexual Assault

One of the four students being charged was directly involved with assaulting a younger football player.

Update: DHS Hazing Involved Sexual Assault


The Dedham Police announced on Thursday that four students are being charged for the hazing incident that happened last week. And WHDH is reporting that it involved an older student sexually assaulting a younger player in the locker room at Dedham High School.

it's not clear how the other three are getting charged, but they were involved in the incident.

One parent from the football team told WHDH that the situation is "...being blown out of proportion..." because of the school's new zero tolerance policy against hazing and bullying.

But there are other parents in Dedham who disagree.

“I’m glad the policy’s there because if it happened to my child I would want something done,” Londergan told reporters.

If convicted, the students can face up to $3,000 in a fine and a year in jail due to the anti-hazing law.  It is also illegal to not report a hazing incident.

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