Jul 28, 2014
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Dover, MBTA Agree on 99-year Lease for Railroad Right-of-Ways

The MBTA voted for 99-year leases with Medfield, Dover, Needham and Newton.

Dover, MBTA Agree on 99-year Lease for Railroad Right-of-Ways



The MBTA Board of Directors this week voted to authorize 99-year leases with Newton and the towns of Dover, Medfield and Needham for portions of an abandoned railroad right-of-way for use as a rail trail.

The combined leases represent approximately 9.1 miles of a new trail development, known as the Bay Colony Rail Trail. The communities will be responsible for all maintenance and liability. 

While the lease is at no cost to the local communities, the MBTA reserves the right to enter into licenses or leases with utility and telecommunication companies to generate non-fare revenue. 

The lease contains a reversion clause which allows the MBTA to take back the property at no cost, should it be needed for another transportation purpose.

MBTA General Manager Jonathan Davis said, “to date, the MBTA has entered into leases with thirty other municipalities, which has resulted in over 100 miles of new or planned trails. These lease agreements promote the Commonwealth’s GreenDOT policy of fostering healthy transportation choices, provide links to transit, and connect residential areas with schools and employments centers.” 

This trail will also provide a safe and convenient link to the MBTA’s Needham Junction commuter rail station.


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