23 Aug 2014
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5 Things January 16 in Easton: Patrick Griffin Visits Stonehill

A look at what is happening around Easton today.

5 Things January 16 in Easton: Patrick Griffin Visits Stonehill

1. Veterans Service Hours Added

Our Veteran's Service Office has updated office hours, now available five days a week. Click here for details.

2. Three Pull Papers for BOS, Noonan and Barlow will not run.

Michael Maloney, who ran for Board of Selectmen last year, has pulled papers for one of two three-year seats on the Board.

Dorothy Fulginiti and Daniel Smith both pulled nomination papers as well.

Sean Noonan and Ellen Barlow, whose terms expire, said they will not run for re-election.

Thomas Downey pulled papers to run for re-election for a five year position on the Housing Authority and Elaine Hanson has pulled papers to run for Finance Committee.

We'll be sure to keep you updated on whether or not others are thinking of throwing their hats in the ring.

3. Political Analyst Coming to Stonehill

A successful media consultant, Patrick Griffin '81 has spent much of his professional life advising presidents and presidential candidates on how to win in New Hampshire's first-in-the-nation primary.

An alumnus and a Stonehill trustee, Griffin is also the Chair and CEO of Griffin York & Krause, a marketing innovation company serving regional, national and international clients. Most recently, Griffin has  been in the middle of the Republican Party's presidential campaign, analyzing the candidates, debates and issues and doing so with astute observation and no small amount of humor.

In his new book Primary Columns, Griffin offers an insider's account of Republican presidential politics and on Wednesday, January 16th he will visit the Martin Institute at Stonehill to discuss the book and to reflect on challenges and issues impacting the GOP today.

Griffin's talk will begin at 6:00 p.m. and he will speak for 30 or 40 minutes and then open the floor for questions and comments.

4. Wastewater Management Pick-Up Schedule

Schedule for Waste Management pick up is available here.

5. New Greek Restaurant Opening on Belmont Street

A new Greek Pizzeria is coming to Easton. Click here to read about it.

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