Jul 29, 2014
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UPDATED: Andover Teen Formally Charged in Hazing Incident at Stonehill

One involved was sentenced to two years probation for the incident that occurred while he was a minor and a member of the Andover Basketball team attending summer camp at Stonehill College.

UPDATED: Andover Teen Formally Charged in Hazing Incident at Stonehill

An Andover teen charged in a hazing incident that occurred during a summer basketball camp at Stonehill College in 2011 had his case disposed of in Taunton District Court Monday, according to a statement released by Bristol County District Attorney Sam Sutter's office.

Craig Luschenat, 19, of Andover chose to waive a Clerk Magistrate Hearing and be formally charged with two counts of Hazing.

According to the statement:

Mr. Luschenat admitted to sufficient facts of the case after his arraignment in Taunton District Court. Judge Kevin Cunningham then sentenced Mr. Luschenat to a continuation without a finding for the term of two years, which included supervised probation, mandatory counseling for a minimum of three months, continue counseling for as long is as deemed necessary by his therapist, stay away from both victims, and stay away from all Andover High School basketball games (both home and away).

If the defendant is charged with any new crimes during the next two years or if he violates the conditions set by the judge, a guilty finding will be entered, he would be re-sentenced and could face potential jail time.

The juvenile’s criminal case is still an open and pending case, and no further information can be disseminated about it at this time.

Luschenat, an Andover High School basketball player, took part in an incident in July, 2011 at a summer camp at Stonehill hosted by the Hoop Mountain Basketball Camp.  He was charged with another player who was a minor at the time of the incident. Stonehill has since cut ties with Hoop Mountain.

Stonehill released a statement Tuesday on this week's revelations.

"The incident involving students from Andover High School occurred at a sports camp which was held on campus but sponsored by Hoop Mountain, a privately-run basketball camp, back in July 2011," the statement read. "In November of that year, the College terminated its contract with Hoop Mountain for its failure to meet its supervisory and safety obligations.  "

Since the two players were minors at the time, the details of the case were not released by the DA's office.

“There were three distinct concerns that we set out to address in this prosecution," Sutter said in a statement. "First, was accountability and consequences for the defendant. With his admission and two years of supervised probation, and mandatory counseling, and the other conditions of probation, that concern was addressed. Second, was attaining an outcome which met with the approval of the victims and their parents. That was also done.  And finally, obtaining a sentence which made it clear that any incident like this in Bristol County, will be diligently investigated and firmly prosecuted. We believe that too was accomplished.”

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