23 Aug 2014
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IPads 'Next Generation of Instructional Tools' For Oliver Ames

The Easton School Committee Approved the addition of 30 IPads for Oliver Ames High School with the use of Naming Campaign Funds.

IPads 'Next Generation of Instructional Tools' For Oliver Ames

With the start of a new school year, high school students and teachers will likely have a new tool to work with.

The Easton School Committee approved the purchase of 30 IPads at the high school - a mobile lab for students and teachers - provided Naming Campaign Funds can be used for the purchase.

"This is the next step in the generation of instructional tools," OA Principal Wes Paul told the school committee.

The lab will cost $23,839.95, Superintendent Michael Green said. Officials hope to pay for it with Naming Campaign Funds - which

School Committee member Caroline O'Neill wanted to make sure the addition of IPads would be proper use of the Naming Campaign, which funds high school resources through private donations. Green said he would check to make sure the use of Naming Campaign funds was sufficient.

"I would like to make sure that that falls under the whole naming campaign umbrella," O'Neill said.

Paul said the IPads will be used for student learning and the professional development of teachers.

Useful IPad apps range from art and astronomy to math and social studies.

"We really feel that most of the applications that are out there for the secondary world require the students to have the devices in front of them to engage in this process," he said.

Assistant Superintendent Cathy MacLeod said the purchase will be a step forward in a 3-year technology plan that includes the

"This is well within the three year plan," she said. "What Wes’ proposal allows [is for] this to move along a lot more quickly. Wes’s proposal would have us consider using the Naming Program."

Paul said that while apps used with IPads could provide important enhancements to the school learning environment, it doesn't replace what is most important.

"I’ll say what I’ve always said," he said. "Technology is a great tool but it doesn’t replace great teaching."

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