Jul 30, 2014

O'Connell Reminds Residents to Support Small Business

State Rep Shaunna O'Connell [R-Taunton] reminded residents to support small businesses this weekend.

O'Connell Reminds Residents to Support Small Business

From the Office of State Rep. Shaunna O'Connell:

Today, State Representative Shaunna O’Connell [R-Taunton], chairwoman of the Small Business Caucus, is reminding Massachusetts residents to shop a local business this coming Saturday and Sunday after Thanksgiving. 

O'Connell represents Precinct 6 of Easton.

Last year O’Connell was able to pass a House Resolution establishing Small Business Weekend.  The purpose of the resolution was to recognize the important economic role and positive impacts small businesses have on our communities and to encourage shopping at “Main Street” local businesses.

O’Connell believes that a public awareness campaign will help increase revenue for local businesses, which will in turn help increase employment opportunities.

“We need to do more shopping locally.  I am hoping that this public outreach will encourage Taunton and Massachusetts residents to spend their holiday dollars on our main street,” said O’Connell.  “Three out of every four new jobs are created by small business.  This effort is one way we can support this community.”

“Promoting Small Business Weekend will help educate the public as to how vital small business is to our state’s economic outlook and hopefully motivate them to shop locally all year long,” said O’Connell.

Mayor Tom Hoye has been working to revitalize downtown Taunton and agrees Small Business Weekend is a great way to support local business.  “Downtown Taunton is the heart of the community.  I hope people come out this weekend to support our local merchants.”

Kerrie Babin, president of the Taunton Area Chamber of Commerce, is excited about promoting Small Business Weekend.  “We appreciate Representative O’Connell’s efforts.  The chamber will be working with our members to help make Small Business Weekend a success.”

“The small business community is the backbone of our economy.  Encouraging participation in Small Business Weekend will give our local merchants a boost during the peak holiday shopping season,” added O’Connell. 

O’Connell received the Guardian of Small Business Award this year for her leadership on issues affecting the small business community.

In 2011 the first ever Small Business Caucus at the State House was started in order to create a more business friendly climate in the Commonwealth.  Chaired by Representative O’Connell, the caucus has been working with legislative members and industry experts on issues such as mandates, regulations, the high cost of health insurance and the tax burden.

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