Jul 29, 2014

Trends in Kitchen Design

Trends in Kitchen Design

The kitchen often functions as the active center of the home. It is where the family takes a respite in between activities, gathers for meals and snacks, and stops for conversation in between. Today, the kitchen serves even more needs, especially as household members of varying generations are living together and multi-tasking more than ever. Open or semi-open floor plans that open the kitchen up to other rooms continue to be popular in home remodeling and design, since they allow for varied activities and flexible entertaining options.  More and more, families are looking for kitchen designs that are multifunctional.

Here are some trends in kitchen design today, provided by Brian Belmont, Certified Kitchen Designer with Supply New England:

  • Consider Multi-Media: Homeowners, especially younger generations, are increasingly considering a computer station in the kitchen that allows for work on laptops, tablets and also provides a charging area for technology devices. (The GenShift 2011 Survey, Kraftmaid)

  • Plan for Your Pet: Many pet owners are finding ways to consider their four-legged family members in kitchen design, with everything from built-in pet feeding stations at the end of cabinets or tucked into the bottom of an island that make it easier to keep the kitchen clean and allow for a more permanent location for pets to eat and drink. Some designers are even considering how to build pet beds in the kitchen so animals can comfortably lounge without being tripped over. In addition, many homeowners are selecting more aesthetically pleasing materials for pet food bowls such as stainless over plastic.

  • Storage, Storage, Storage: Many homeowners may not be interested in or able to expand their kitchens, yet they are continually seeking advice on how to get more out of the space they have. Creative storage solutions help keep countertops clear for other uses and assist in a more streamlined functionality for the kitchen. For example, cabinets and pull-out drawers can be designed to help hide small appliances, organize recyclables, and store bulk supplies.

  • Natural Looks, Unique Materials: There is an increasingly wide variety of faux materials that, due to technological advancements, can achieve a natural wood or stone look. Homeowners will find that they can realize a stylish quality finish while also finding a smart value.

If you are considering updating your kitchen, please visit Supply New England’s showroom in Falmouth. Showrooms throughout the region and design ideas can also be found at www.kitchenbathgallery.com

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