Jul 28, 2014
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Girl who Donated Hair at Gillette Stadium Teased in Aftermath

After taking part in Kid's Cancer Buzz-Off last spring at Gillette Stadium, one girl face ridicule for months after returning home.

Girl who Donated Hair at Gillette Stadium Teased in Aftermath

After a trip to Gillette Stadium to participate in the Kid's Cancer Buzz-Off last spring to donate her hair, the last thing nine-year old Vernonique Pomerleau expected was to be bullied in the aftermath.

Last spring, Pomerleau shaved her hair along with dozens of others including New England Patriot Rob Gronkowski to raise money for children with cancer and their families.

As she told CBS News however, the whispers and mockery started over the summer and continued into school when she started fourth grade.

"Over the summer a lot of people would point and say 'is that a boy or a girl, and if it's a boy why is he wearing a dress?'" Vernonique's mother Marsha Pomerleau told CBS News.

Enrolling at a public school after being homeschooled, it was only a matter of weeks before Vernonique was out of school and back to receiving her education at home. With whispers about the girl who had the weird haircut, Veroninque struggled to make friends during her short time in school.

Despite the negative reaction, Verononique says that she would shave her head again in the future.

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