19 Aug 2014
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Author Mina Samuels to Speak at Ruby Slippers Gala

Attendees of the Ruby Slippers Fundraiser and Networking Gala on Tuesday Sept. 20 at the Massachusetts Horticultural Society’s Gardens at Elm Bank in Wellesley are invited to wear their favorite pair of red heels or shoes.

Author Mina Samuels to Speak at Ruby Slippers Gala

“You run like a girl” once a pejorative phrase, is now a coveted description that evokes thoughts of perseverance, endurance and success.

This 180-degree reversal can be attributed to Mina Samuels’ new book, Run Like A Girl, in which Samuels has compiled nearly a 100 stories of women who have encountered challenges in their life such as cancer, divorce, and personal loss and have met those challenges by finding empowerment through running, kayaking, swimming and other forms of exercise. 

“This is a book about the courage it takes to challenge ourselves” said Samuels.

Author Mina Samuels to speak at the MetroWest Women’s Alliance Ruby Slippers Fundraiser and Networking Gala on Sept. 20.  

This compilation of inspiring stories outlines how various women of all ages have found strength in exercise leading them to discover real happiness.

From rat race to road race, Samuels herself traded her litigation briefcase for a pair of running sneakers and a pen challenging herself as both an athlete and an aspiring writer.

A self described “amateur” runner and newly acclaimed author, Samuels has met success both mentally and physically. Samuels’ ability to run like a girl has led her to complete numerous marathons and triathlons. Her success on the pavement has also helped her to build the confidence to succeed in other aspects of her life including her flourishing writing career.

When asked - What is running like a girl anyway? - Samuels responds by saying” It’s getting out there, challenging ourselves. Finding new possibilities. Finding strength in our own accomplishments.” 

Samuels agrees that the confidence attained through sports helps to build both confidence and clarity and ultimately leads to happiness. 

“If we can see and own our hopes, dreams and ambitions then we are more likely to achieve them” said Samuels.

The MetroWest Women’s Alliance took notice of Samuels when her book appeared on a recent The Today Show segment. The Alliance saw Samuels’ book as message of empowerment and an affirmation that woman can overcome various challenges and can find the tools for empowerment and success within reach.

The realization that Samuels’ message dovetails with the Alliance’s mission to empower all girls and women in the Metrowest Community led the Alliance to decide that Samuels would be the ideal speaker for their September fundraiser.

will be an opportunity to acknowledge the many successes that the Alliance; a joint iniative of the and the , has made in its inaugural year. It will serve as an opportunity to highlight the 15 grants ranging from $1,000 to $2,000 that were gifted this year to non-profit organizations in the MetroWest 495 Corridor; all of whom host programs that benefit women and girls and encourage active participation.

These programs provide tools found within MetroWest  to help these women and girls meet and overcome an infinite array of challenges and find a path to their dreams.  

The MetroWest Women’s Alliance Ruby Slippers Fundraiser and Networking Gala is the MetroWest Women Alliance’s largest fundraising event. All proceeds raised during the evening will be reinvested in additional grants and opportunities in the community that engage, educate and empower women and girls throughout the MetroWest 495 Corridor.  

The Ruby Slippers Fundraiser and Networking Gala will be held on Tuesday Sept. 20 from 5:30 to 8 p.m. at the Massachusetts Horticultural Society’s Gardens at Elm Bank  in Wellesley.  The Alliance invites all members of the MetroWest community to take out their favorite pair of red heels, running shoes or flats and join the Alliance and Mina Samuels for a full packed evening.

The affordable fee of $35 per person will allow attendees to enjoy gourmet foods from Northborough’s Peppers Catering, have the opportunity to bid on unique auction items, network, and catch up with friends as they find inspiration from Mina Samuels and discover what it really means to Run Like A Girl.

For additional information visit  www.uwotc.org/Ruby/Slippers

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