20 Aug 2014
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Rescued Great Horned Owl Dies at Tufts

A great horned owl brought in to Tufts from Millbury died during the night.

Rescued Great Horned Owl Dies at Tufts

A great horned owl that was brought in to the Wildlife Clinic at the died during the night.

Daniel Chauvin, animal control officer in Millbury, got a call from a homeowner on Stowe Road two days ago. A great horned owl roosted on a stone wall near the caller's house, and wasn't moving.

Chauvin visited the site, which is in a heavily wooded area, and walked up to the animal. Alert but lethargic, Chauvin knew the owl needed help.

"We knew it was sick when you could walk up to it and it made no attempt to fly away," said Chauvin. "It just spread its wings and walked. It was an adult great horned owl. I captured it with a net and handled the bird with heavy gloves, placed it into a cage and transported it to Tufts."

Chauvin called Tufts Thursday morning to check on it, and was informed it had died during the night. A pathology report is forthcoming, Chauvin said.

"I removed an owl from an office building in Northbridge a few months back," said Chauvin. "That one recovered well, and they allowed me let it go right near where I found it. That was awesome. But it's hit or miss in the rescue world. They can't tell you where it hurts or what's bothering them."

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