23 Aug 2014
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Downtown Shopping for the Fun of It

In this week's Great Escape column, we suggest you take a break enjoying some fun shopping - not errands - in downtown Hamilton.

Downtown Shopping for the Fun of It

It’s been a busy end of the winter. But the kids are out the house and you have a break. Take advantage of it.

Each week, we’ll tell you about one great idea to give you a much deserved break, and make your life a little easier, or maybe a little more relaxed. Today comes a recommendation to take in some of the shopping in downtown Hamilton at the Shoppes at Hamilton Crossing – and grab a bite to eat and a drink too.

Earlier this week on Hamilton-Wenham Patch – including an expanded and a new women’s workout business. Grab a bite to eat and a quick drink at 15 Walnut and see if has any programs that fit you needs.

Plus, reacquaint with existing businesses such as and . And if you need some quick essentials there and – but if it feels like “work” than stick to the fun stops and come back later when you’re “running errands.”

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