23 Aug 2014
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Hamilton Selectman

:                                   Reelect Hubbard for Selectman                           

            Jeff Hubbard, reelection candidate for Hamilton Selectman, has shown us one of those all too rare qualities in government;  honesty.  He is someone you can trust.  Rather than manipulate the politics of a given situation, Jeff is someone who finds out the facts, talks to people, listens to opinions and understands the political process and protocols for given issues.  He comes to his own conclusions, sometimes in opposition to his colleagues, but is always representing an important viewpoint toward advancing a fair and reasonable outcome.  By not rubber stamping majority decisions or taking the go along to get along attitude, he has established himself as an independent thinker and a highly regarded leader of the community.   His experience and forthrightness have distinguished him as a spokesperson for both majority decisions as well as those for the minority.  His voice is important in sustaining open discussions and representation of issues which affect us all.

            There are some who want to see big changes to our Town; agendas that disregard the other priorities that the Town faces and issues the Town will need to address in its future.  Jeff Hubbard is even handed and maintains a valuable overview of the goals and objectives that matter.   He has no hidden agenda or vindictiveness.  He is not lured by proposals which are short termed in their thinking and schemes which are financially blind.  Jeff Hubbard understands the need for slow growth and fiscal responsibility.  He is not out to make a name for himself by sponsoring an issue(s) that will leave the Town in a wake of future liabilities and serviced debt, crippling future opportunities before they have a chance to be heard.  Jeff is patient, understanding that we need to work together to make progress, not push through socially engineered and manipulated agendas.  He realizes that our Town is not a business, but a municipality for all of us to enjoy and to benefit from, now, and in the future.    

            I am endorsing Jeff Hubbard as a citizen of Hamilton, but I also hold political office.  As a volunteer representative I can assure you that the greatest reward we have is an appreciation from you of the work that we do for this community.  I hope you will send Jeff Hubbard this message of acknowledgement and appreciation which he so decidedly deserves, not only for all the work he has done over the past three years, but for the kindness, understanding and vision he has so effectively, selflessly and  generously shared with us in helping to set the policies of this town.    I hope you will join me in showing Jeff Hubbard you value the many efforts he has made by supporting his candidacy for reelection.  

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