14 Sep 2014
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Keyser: No Room for Dollar Stores?

With changes being made at the Hamilton Shoppes mall, local shops lean towards high end stores.

Keyser: No Room for Dollar Stores?

Well, keep your fingers crossed as the hot weather is taking a break. I suspect it will return shortly. Hey, at least its not snowing.

In other events around the towns, a recent story in the newspaper about the shop in the mall said that the coffee shop and would be , in the former ice cream shop.

In listening to comments from folks around both towns, many recall the mall when it was mostly what would be called "locally owned stores." These days, most of the stores are part of a chain operation, and are what are called "high end" stores.

In talking to Carol Mazzetta, who with her husband owned and operated the former Coffee Table restaurant, which is now Dunkin Donuts, she said its too bad that another locally owned store is leaving the mall, as have several other stores left the shopping mall.

She went on to say that there is a concept in business circles that Hamilton and Wenham are considered “rich” towns, and therefore the stores at this mall should be the type know as "high-ender" and able to cater to the money folks who live here.

Well, the mall owners stated in the article about Dunkin Donuts that they feel the mixture of stores is fine and consider that business is doing well. They see no problems despite several stores closing their doors.

The bottom line, I suspect here, is that a store such as the Dollar Store might be welcomed by a lot of shoppers, but wouldn’t find space at the mall.

In other goings on in the towns, the selectmen from both towns, along with several other town boards, had a joint meeting this past week. What was heard several times as they discussed town business that effects both towns was the word "cooperation."

Hopefully this is something that would make a big difference in how the neighboring towns can work together. Its time that more of this cooperation on town business happens.

Both towns, in a way, need the support of each other and can find solutions to town business as a combined group better than as a single town unit.

Yes, , and it's really not the worst plan. It would take a lot of work to bring it together, but would worth it down the road. The days of "we don’t need help from our neighboring town" is old hat - times have changed.

That’s all for this week. Don’t forget to stop by the coffee shop at Asbury Grove for breakfast on Friday and Saturday mornings. Bye, Bye.

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