Jul 30, 2014

Keyser: Trash Plan Lacks Support

Many comments from folks in both towns have been made opposed to changing the trash plan.

Keyser: Trash Plan Lacks Support

Hopefully, the rain has finally stopped so we can get on with enjoying the nice fall weather. The rain did keep the dust down, as the man says, if nothing else.

So, on to things happening in the two towns. And judging by the recent story in Patch.com regarding the pay-as-you-throw trash plan - and the many comments made by folks in both towns - this is one plan that does not enjoy much support with town folks.

In reading the many comments, the impression is that most folks feel that it’s a tax, regardless of how its listed.

And most folks who made comments on the possible trash plan also felt that they are already paying for the weekly trash pickup when they pay their real estate tax bill.

In reading over the many comments, one comment stands out - why does the existing trash plan with one free barrel each week, which is working well, all of the sudden need to be changed to this new plan?

And what it seems to come down to is that this plan is one to raise more funds for the town and has less to do with how much the trash tonnage is lowered. It's also a push to turn the town in a “green” town. In the long run, as one town official stated, this plan can actually cost folks more than it really from the reduced cost of picking up trash.

The one big mistake that I hope won’t take place is the Board of Selectmen bringing this subject to a board meeting and voting to put into practice. This possible project needs to be taken to a town meeting for discussion and vote, and allow the voters to decide if they want the plan or not.

Right now, this plan is being pushed by the boards, who do not listen well, as many folks in both towns are speaking out and saying they don’t like the plan and that the plan now in place is just fine and it should be left alone.

I hope that selectmen’s meetings in both towns will find town folks attending who will tell the board members what they feel about the trash plan. As voters of the towns, it's your right to tell your board members how you feel about town business.

That’s it for this week. Maybe we can see some dry days for a while before that white stuff starts appearing. Remember, not one shred of evidence supports the fact that life is serious. Think about that.

Bye, bye.

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