21 Aug 2014
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Kids and Clothes: Moms Talk About What Their Kids Wear

This week's moms talk addresses the issue of clothes - how involved do parents get in their kids' clothing choices.

Kids and Clothes: Moms Talk About What Their Kids Wear Kids and Clothes: Moms Talk About What Their Kids Wear

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Each week in , local mothers take your questions, give advice and share solutions.

Grab a cup of coffee and settle in to read this week's question. Below is how local mothers answered, but we want to hear from you. Leave a comment in the comment box below and share your thoughts.

Question: Kids have a tendency to not dress properly for the weather, for whatever reason. If it is raining, they oftentimes do not want to wear a raincoat. If it is cold outside, they do not want to wear a winter
parka. Plus, clothes have often be a touchy subject between parents and children.
At what age did you child begin to largely make their own decision abort clothes? At what times do you still intervene in your child’s clothing decisions? What are some of the things that you and your
child do not agree about when it comes to clothing?

A dear friend once told me - pick your battles. When the kids were in elementary school, I was more involved in what they wore to school.  However, once they got to middle/high school, I tend to stand back, as long as it meets the school's dress code. Once winter arrives, the kids say there is very little room in the lockers for heavy coats and boots, so as long as I know their feet will stay dry, and they wear weather appropriate clothing, I let them pretty much choose what they wear to school.

My kids are boys and in elementary school, so I still can control what they where by what I buy. I don't like shirts with sassy sayings. Occasionally, one of them will put on something that clashes, then I step-in.

Kids only have to choose not to bring a coat once. Then they are not permitted outside for recess; it never happens again.

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