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Meet a Hamilton Mom Who Wants to Vacation at a 'Funky Villa on a Quiet Beach'

Meet one of the volunteers bringing "Up With People" to Hamilton

Meet a Hamilton Mom Who Wants to Vacation at a 'Funky Villa on a Quiet Beach'

Name: Christina Comparato

Street: Appaloosa Lane

Family: Chris, husband; Carly, 12; Ella, 7; Sophia, 7

Occupation: Mom, Tutor (focus on middle school age students)

Interests/hobbies: Singing, performing, tennis, paddle tennis, running, swimming, going to the beach, traveling, exploring, lacrosse and SCOOP Lacrosse and doing all of those with my children!

What are you passionate about? My family, my friends, Up with People, Hamilton-Wenham EdFund, live music, powerful musicals, education, helping others and world peace.

What did you study in school? BA in American Studies from Colby College, Master's in Higher Education and Student Personnel Services from University of South Carolina.

Are you utilizing this subject now? Yes, sure. I teach others how to read, write and study well - passing on the love for education. I am quite involved with our local schools too - always trying to help make things the best they can be!

Best book: Ah! "The Notebook" - love that relationship! "Time for Joy" (been reading these daily affirmations for over 15 years), "God's Little Devotional Journal For Moms" (makes me a better mom - love its reminders and thought provoking messages!)

Best movie: "Sweet Home Alabama" (love that relationship too!), "August Rush" and "When Harry Met Sally"

Dream vacation: Small, funky villa on a quiet beach in the tropics... aqua blue, warm water... hot sun...with my hubby...nightlife with mellow, live music nearby.

Favorite tradition? 4th of July! Parking at Mrs. Goddard's, heading to the Lawsons for parade, rest of day and weekend at the B&T. Also, Easter morning and exchanging Christmas gifts with Donellan's, our awesome neighbors!

Who is your favorite local resident? Oh, besides my hubby, Chris Comparato and sister, Julie Smail...Lorraine at the Children's Room at the (changed my daughter Carly's reading life) and who gives and gives and gives!

What obstacle have you overcome? Losing my dad (Dr. Jim Clifford) suddenly when he was just 59 was excruciating. Whole new life without that incredible man.

What is the coolest thing you have ever done? Traveled around the world with Up with People for two years, ended my time with them committing to making a difference in this world, helping to bring this group to . (Thank you, Hamilton-Wenham Edfund and ).

Where is your favorite place on earth? Our big bed, snuggled up reading with our sweet daughters.

What do you wish you had done in your 20s but didn’t? Done the Peace Corps and traveled more.

How long have you lived in Hamilton-Wenham? 10 years, except for two years in San Carlos, Calif.

How come you chose Hamilton-Wenham? Open land, proximity to ocean, bigger than Manchester-by-the-Sea where I grew up, memories of huge bball and football games in Hamilton-Wenham as a kid and the schools.

What is your favorite place in Hamilton-Wenham? The Smails deck and back yard!

What is your favorite shop? because Steve is such a cool person.

Which local programs and services do you support? Hamilton-Wenham Edfund, , and The Waring School.

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