23 Aug 2014
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This Hamilton Man's Cat Went Face-to-Face with a Fisher Cat

This week's Meet Your Neighbor introduces you to a Hamilton man who goes camping with 60 family members.

This Hamilton Man's Cat Went Face-to-Face with a Fisher Cat

Name: Michael Bucci

Family: Wife, Linda and three children, Bryce, 13; Evan, 11; Samantha, 10;  

Pets: Dog, Ella and Cat, Starlight

Occupation: Beverly police officer

How long have you lived in Hamilton?: Eight years

Why did you choose Hamilton?: The close community and excellent school system.

Favorite place in town: 15 Walnut, of course

Where would someone find you around town?: At any field or recreational building coaching.

Favorite tradition: Camping in the summer with family and friends (all 60 of us)

Best movie: Whatever my wife wants to watch, (Nutty Professor)

Best quote: “Laughter is an instant vacation,” by Milton Berle

Hobbies/interests: Fishing, boating, Fox Hollow football, Hamilton-Wenham men's senior basketball league (yes over 35-years-old), adult flag football (2012 Super Bowl champs), just hanging out with family and friends

Do you have an unusual or funny story having to do with Hamilton?: When we were doing construction on our home a fisher cat climbed in through a window and our cat Misty took on the fisher cat.

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