Jul 26, 2014

Name the Old Wenham Store in This Photo

In this week's edition of Then and Now, we ask what the name of the store is in this photo. And, as always, tell us when the photo was taken.

Name the Old Wenham Store in This Photo

Here is the latest edition of the regular feature 

We'll start by showing you a picture from the past in either Hamilton or Wenham. Then you'll have a chance to guess where it was taken and can come back to get the answer on Thursday.

Plus, you will see a picture of it as it looks today.

In this week’s photo, what is the name of the old downtown Wenham store in this photo? We've given you a head start by telling you where it is. Tell us the name of the store.

Also, when was the photo taken?

Please make all guesses in the comments section below.

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