23 Aug 2014
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Town Planners Oppose New Used Car Lot

One Hamilton Planning Board member says that Mike's Auto Repair should be allowed to sell used cars “over my dead body.”

Town Planners Oppose New Used Car Lot Town Planners Oppose New Used Car Lot Town Planners Oppose New Used Car Lot

The Hamilton Planning Board voted unanimously Tuesday to oppose what is seemingly a used car lot that has recently cropped up at Mike's Auto Repair.

The board said it would advise the Zoning Board of Appeals that Mike's should not be allowed to sell used cars.

The ZBA is scheduled Wednesday night to hold “an informal discussion” with attorney Jim Kroesser about at 17 Bay Road in downtown Hamilton.

Mike's Auto Repair began to sell used cars on its property on April 13, according to the Planning Board.

Planning Coordinator Kristine Cheetham told the Planning Board that the shop had been told by town officials to stop selling cars, but she did not know if a formal cease and desist order was given. She said she understands that Mike's Auto Repair has a license to sell used cars, but would need permission from the town to sell them at that site.

Several board members said it appears that Mike's Auto Repair is still selling used cars.

The Zoning Board will discuss whether the repair shop would need a variance by the ZBA or undergo site plan review by the Planning Board for it to operate a used car business. 

The Planning Board, reviewing the town's zoning bylaw, found that in downtown Hamilton only car "showrooms" are allowed.

Chairman Peter Clark said selling cars from an open lot was not the same as selling cars in a closed showroom.

Board member Rick Mitchell, who said he planned to attend ZBA meeting, strongly opposed the used car lot. He said Mike's Auto Repair would be allowed to sell used cars from his garage “over my dead body.”

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