21 Aug 2014
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Seven Simple Steps to a Healthy Back

Dr. Jerry Gould of Hamilton-Wenham Family Chiropractic continues from his last column to give helpful hints about how to avoid back pain.

Seven Simple Steps to a Healthy Back

If you are the one who read my last column , then you’ll immediately observe two things about these week’s column.

First, I’m continuing to use the formula of  “#” + “adjective” + the word “steps” as a means of titling my column.

Second, you’ll observe that I have decided to keep this column short and sweet. (This is due more to a lack of time on my part than any stroke of genius that I may have had about realizing people weren't reading my long winded, self-deprecating articles about or ).

So here it goes:

  1. Avoid prolonged sitting. (Taking a one minute break every 10 minutes can minimize disc compression).
  2. Avoid prolonged standing (especially on hard surfaces like concrete or tile).
  3. Do morning stretches. .
  4. Six minutes of exercise a day. ( Plank + side plank exercises two minutes in each direction).
  5. Stay hydrated. (The discs of the back need water to function properly).
  6. Sit on the edge of your seat in order to use your back muscles more.
  7. Don’t lift while bending and twisting at the same time. (The discs are most vulnerable during this movement).

Dr. Jerry Gould is a local chiropractor in Hamilton. When not at his office, he can be found at the playground with his four daughters, riding his bike around the North Shore, or writing stories about  Elephants in an effort to follow his bliss. Read more at straightspine.com.

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