Jul 30, 2014

The Week in Social Media

Here's a look back at social media interaction this week.

The Week in Social Media

Here at Hamilton Wenham Patch, social media is a big deal. It's how we interact with you, answer your questions and get to see what's on your mind. Social Media Saturday is a weekly feature where we highlight your questions and thoughts you've shared on Facebook and other media throughout the past week. We'll also point you to some new and interesting pages you may not have known about before.


  • This week in social media Bruins dominated chatter on Facebook and Twitter. We asked you to send in your
  • When we asked where you go for an afternoon pick-me-up, Lindsay Mazzetta said she goes out of town to Daily Harvest in Danvers. 
  • The story about Miles River students fighting bullying was one of the more popular of the week. We love hearing when our local kids are doing good things!
  • When we wrote about an old firehouse being converted to affordable residences, own power user of the week Lindsay Mazzetta commented, "Sounds great, as long as it's clean and livable." 

Poll Results

On Tuesday, we polled readers about how they feel about the interim high school principal position. Here's how people weighed in:

The high school will have an interim principal for the next year after the two finalists did not get the job. What should have happened? Select one of the 5 options below:

It was a good decision to fill it with an interim. 2 votes

Phil Conrad should have gotten the job. 8 votes

Rich Manley should have gotten the job.

Neither finalist should have gotten the job but position needs to be filled ASAP.

We wish Matt Fox stayed. 2 votes

Facebook Page Of The Week:

viola Lovely had us craving a stop into the boutique. The shop regularly posts new items that have hit store shelves. From shoes to bags to summer accessories, the Facebook page keeps you up to date on what's in the store and what you will soon see on Hamilton and Wenham streets. 

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