23 Aug 2014
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Two-Year Long Maples Tree Feud Ends With Replanted Trees

For two years, there's been a debate about replanting trees at the Maples condos in Wenham. The trees have been replanted and it has now ended.

Two-Year Long Maples Tree Feud Ends With Replanted Trees

A about replacing hemlocks trees that were cut down has ended.

“The Maples have planted their trees,” Planning Coordinator Emilie Cademartori told the Planning Board last Friday.

The trees were planted in the way that the Planning Board and Maples board agreed back in April, according to a letter from Tree Warden Pierre Erhard.

The trees were supposed to be planted staggered and were instead planted in a straight line. The condo board offered to replant the trees, but Erhard said it would not make a difference and would risk the health of the trees.

Everyone involved will be sent a letter from the board saying that the trees were planted in ‘substantial compliance” with the agreement.

About two years ago, cut down 13 Hemlock trees that had blocked along the side of the condo complex on Main Street, blocking the view from the home owned by Aimee and Scott Cards.

The cutting violated the special permit the planning board issued to The Maples in 1991 when it was built.

The Maples board . One tenant was made sick and forced into to the hospital for five days because of the mold, said long-time resident Edna Mullen.

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