Jul 28, 2014

Athlete of the Week: Jackie Schofield

The only girl on the team, playing with the boys and holding her own, Jackie Schofield is putting the time in to play college golf.

Athlete of the Week: Jackie Schofield

Name: Jackie Schofield  

Graduating Class: Class of 2013

Team: Hopkinton Hiller's Golf Team & Swim Team

Golf Stats:

Best Round: 81

Awards & Tournament Wins:

2011 Coach's Award - University of North Carolina's Tar Heel Golf Camp

Member of the Massachusetts team at the Junior Tri-State Match against Connecticut and Rhode Island.  

NEPGA Tournament at Pinecrest (Holliston) & Sassamon Trace (Natick)

Playing with a nine handicap through the summer, Jackie Schofield in her third year on the Hiller’s Golf Team is dedicated to improve her game.   

VF   When did you start playing golf?

JS     I started playing golf when I was nine- years- old.  I never really started working at it until I was in eighth grade. I started playing by chance really. One day I went to watch my younger brother's golf lesson at Framingham Country Club and the Pro asked if I wanted to try it so I said yes. After that lesson, he told my dad that I should really pursue golf because I showed some talent.  It wasn't until eighth grade that I really started working hard and practicing more because I knew I wanted to make the golf team as a freshman.

VF   What was it like trying out for the high school team?   

JS    It was a little scary trying out my freshman year because I didn't know what to expect, but I felt confident because I knew I had worked really hard.

VF  Have you always been the only girl on the team?

JS    During my freshman and sophomore year there was another girl on the team, Kelsey Baker, who is now playing college golf. I hope to do the same. Playing golf in college has been a goal of mine ever since I started playing.  This year, as a junior, I am the only girl on the team.

VF   What is it like being the only girl?

JS     To be honest, it was a little difficult at first walking on to a mostly-boys team my freshman year.  Now I'm used to it. It's a little bit of a different experience than when I play in tournaments, against only girls, but I try to not let it affect me. 

VF  Where did you play your best round?

JS    One of my best rounds was probably this summer when I shot 81 at a WGAM invitational tournament at the Country Club of Waterbury in Connecticut. It was a difficult course and I remember not being satisfied with a 43 on the back nine the day after I shot 38 on the front. I have a habit of always pushing myself to do better. I'd say that this summer was when I really worked my hardest and improved the most so far.

VF    How much time do you put into golf during the season?

JS    My golf season is year round. I play for the high school in the fall, but I practice and compete in tournaments all year. In the winter, when I can’t play as much, I am on the Hiller’s Swim Team which has practices six days a week so sometimes it can be hard to fit indoor golf into that schedule.

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