23 Aug 2014
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125 Great Business Ideas to Release Your Inner Entrepreneur

125 Great Business Ideas to Release Your Inner Entrepreneur
If you have an inner entrepreneur just waiting to be released, you probably already have some business ideas in mind. 

But you can apply your business sense and personal drive to any number of ideas. We've rounded up some lists with businesses that might work for you. 

Recession-proof ideas: Entrepreneur.com lists 10 of the best bets for businesses to get you through a recession. It includes things like movie theaters, tattoo parlors and tax accounting, using numbers to back up the things people still used during the recession. 

Side businesses: Maybe you aren't ready to take the leap to running a business full-time. But it's important to dabble with entrepreneurialism on the side, writes The Simple Dollar. They list 50 ideas for side projects, including blogging, dog-walking, prepared dinners and more. 

Stay-at-home jobs: The U.S. Small Business Administration shares seven ideas for stay-at-home parents looking for work on the side, including child care, virtual assistance and baked goods

Unique startups: Filling a niche can be a great way to stand out and grow a business immediately. CNN Money shares eight interesting startup ideas, including a private wine tour driver, children's party planner and addiction recovery counselor

Pinteresting ideas: Pinterest pinned 50 ideas for small businesses, including IT services, photography and jewelry design, making it easy to share the ideas in your network. 

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