23 Aug 2014
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Greyhound Friends Meets 2X Matching Gift Challenge!

Greyhound Friends Meets 2X Matching Gift Challenge!
Nonprofit Greyhound Friends is pleased to announce that they exceeded their $15,000 January fundraising challenge! More than $15,000 was raised from individual donations and high bids in a special auction. This means their generous Challenge Donor will double the impact of those donations with an additional $15,000 gift.

Greyhound Friends brought in $6,375 via PayPal donations, an additional $8,440 was mailed directly to the office, and $1,601 was collected through Auction bids. This totals $16,416.  Greyhound Friends' operating costs are more than $1,300 a day. This includes mortgage, maintenance, utility costs, staffing, costs of transportation, isolation, vet care, food, and all other expenses necessary to care for the dogs and transition them into adoption. 

 Greyhound Friends is able to continue its adoption and advocacy work only by relying on the continued support of our many donors. Thank you from Greyhound Friends (and the pups!) to everyone who contributed. Having met the January challenge, the charity now turns its efforts to fundraising for February and beyond.  Gifts in any amount are welcome and appreciated. http://www.greyhound.org/donations.cfm

About Greyhound Friends

 Greyhound Friends Inc.is a small non-profit organization dedicated to saving racetrack greyhounds and placing them in responsible loving homes. Since its inception in 1983, Greyhound Friends has found homes for thousands of dogs! Please call 508-435-5969 or visit www.greyhound.org for more information.




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