Jul 28, 2014

Yogathon for Hopkinton Middle School, Sunday, May 18

Yogathon for Hopkinton Middle School, Sunday, May 18

The Yogathon will offer 9 yoga and meditation classes by 9 different instructors all day at Sohum Yoga and Meditation Studio on Sunday May 18.  All classes are 45 to 60 min long and appropriate for beginners of all ages.  Price is $20 for each class with $15 donated towards the school.  Please help us spread the word and support this project.  You can sign up for a class on line and pay in cash at the time of the class.  Please register at http://www.sohum.org./ 

 Here's the schedule for the classes being offered for this Fundraiser ~ Enjoy a serene hour by yourself or with a friend and support our Schools ~ 

900 to 1000 am     ~    Yoga 101 with Ritu Kapur
1015 to 1115 am     ~       Let Your Yoga Dance with Malu Doherty
1130 am to 1230 pm   ~      All Levels Yoga with Deb Newman...
100 to 145 pm    ~        Mindfulness Meditation with Ajay Kapur
200 to 300 pm   ~      Gentle/ Moderate Kripalu Yoga with Pat Lebau
330 to 415 pm    ~     Guided Meditation with Lisa Campbell
430 to 515 pm   ~   Tai –Chi with Ron Allen
530 to 630 pm   ~    All Levels Yoga with Shari
700 to 800 pm    ~    Yoga for Stress Relief with April Ropes


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