Jul 28, 2014

JP Patch Readers React to Casey Planning

Just when you thought everything was said about the plans for Casey, Jamaica Plain Patch readers left several new comments on an article from earlier in the week.

JP Patch Readers React to Casey Planning

Though plans to tear down the Casey Overpass and establish an at-grade roadway Forest Hills seem to be well underway, there are still several people in Jamaica Plain who have a lot to say about the situation.

There were 15 comments (and counting) by Friday on an article published Jan. 23 about the Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act Office’s signoff of the project as currently constituted.

Reader yogasong wrote: Big mistake 

1. Traffic back-ups will create more air pollution 
2. Much greater risk of cars striking pedestrian and bicyclists in this high foot-traffic area. 
3. Bad for local businesses. I don't think I'm alone when I say that I will avoid traveling on South St. towards Forest Hills to avoid traffic and because of this I'll also be avoiding the new Harvest Coop and other businesses in the Forest Hills area.

Reader Todd Consentino countered: Actually... 

1. Traffic will flow better than it does today. There are multiple peer reviewed studies that prove this to be true. 
2. There will be an MBTA headhouse to carry pedestrians underneath the Casey Arborway to the Orange Line platform from the SW Corridor. There will be large crosswalks for both peds and bikes. 
3. I've yet to see someone buy something from a local business, whilst they are passing over it on a bridge. You really should check out the new Harves Coop. It is super clean and has a wide variety of goods.

Reader Katherine wrote: I run at least 2-3x a week from my house on South Street to the JP Pond. I ALWAYS avoid going under the overpass as it is a horribly dangerous crossing for pedestrains and runners alike. I drive to work every AM and every day get stuck in the no mans land between south street and washington street waiting to go under the overpass due to poor light cycle timing. not to mention the standoffs with buses coming out of Forest Hills to get on Washington street. I cannot conceive of a situation in which the proposed changes would not be a welcome improvement to the horrible gridlock and pedestrain dangers that exist now.

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