23 Aug 2014
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Some JP Sidewalks Still Snowed Under

A possibly big storm could dump more snow on Boston sidewalks.

Some JP Sidewalks Still Snowed Under

For the third consecutive weekend, a storm will hit the Boston area. Though it promises to be less serious than the "Blizzard of 2013" of Feb. 8 and 9, there could be some snow accumulation.

Jamaica Plain was slow to be dug out from that storm, and two weeks later, some sidewalks are still covered.

Reader Chris Pacewicz took a photo of the snow-covered sidewalk at Glen Road and Forest Hills Street Friday.

"They haven't cleared the sidewalk from the blizzard, and now we are expecting our second storm since then. This is a very dangerous intersection to be walking in the street," he wrote in an email.

If your street or sidewalk is still snowed under, you can tweet @NotifyBoston. During the last major storm, they were very responsive to people's requests to clear sidewalks and streets.

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